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Kashima Game Machine Shaped Pet Toy

Kashima Game Machine Shaped Pet Toy

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New arrival! Meet the special design pet toy for pup development! If you are looking for a unique pet toy, it will be your best choice! This product is a Japanese original design, specially designed for pets. It has two styles, pachinko game machine and one-arm bandit. It contains catnip, squeaky item and ringing paper, which can intrigue pets and cheer them up. And it contains cotton rope, which can take a role in cleaning teeth. It's made of super soft fabric. Meanwhile, it has a small ball with catnips. You can take it out of the bottom of the machine. Sooooo special!!!


Material: Super Soft Fabric

Range of Application: Dogs/ Cats

* It contains squeaky item, ringing paper and catnip.


Length: 15cm/ 5.9''

Width: 11cm/ 4.33''

Weight: 62g

* Manual measurement, the size of the product has 1-2 cm error.

Care & Caution:

1. All product outward appearance, the color take the material object as, the picture only supply the reference.

2. When playing with your pet, please arrange time properly to prevent pets from getting tired.

3. To prevent pets from being injured, please replace damaged toys in time.

4. Please clean and disinfect toys regularly.

5. Never leave your pet unattended during play.

6. No matter what material the toy is made of, is it consumable. The lifespan of the toy depends on how much your pet likes it and how strong its bite is. The purposes of pet toys are to consume the energy of the pet and prevent the household items from being bited.

Shipping & Returns:

Shipping: All products are shipping free. And We will deliver within 1-3 days after you place your order.

Returns: Our shop only sells new pet products. In order to avoid cross infection between pets, return and exchange is not supported.

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